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Pathways for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to expand and improve your workforce.

Ebony and Savannah at the boat harbor

Promoting representation over assimilation

Identify your organization's pain points

Illuminate any potential blindspots


We work with companies looking to incorporate more diversity into the maritime industry and workforce.

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We provide tools and resources to help others succeed independently.

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Don’t miss the boat on implementing your DEI programs.

Consulting Services

Corporate Advancement:

Evaluation of diversity recruitment and onboarding

Organizational assessment and employee engagement

Partnerships expansion (community and external partnerships)

Review and analysis of current Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategies

Formation of and mentoring for employee resource/action groups

Employee surveys and culture climate assessments

Focus groups, facilitation and training

Educational Consulting:

Curriculum and Program Review for Cultural Relevance 

Facilitated Curriculum and Program Design Discussions

Devise Custom Solutions for Educational Curriculum and Programming

Resource recommendations for continued learning

Why do we stand out?

Our curriculum is justice centered, incorporates informed healing practices, and encourages reciprocal relationships with all aspects of community.

We customize our services to align with your organization’s history, current needs, and future goals.

We firmly believe in reciprocal relationships, which involves commitment. Our services include ongoing support through conversations, e-learnings, and exclusive opportunities to participate in new curriculum trials.

We design effective, current, and engaging offerings through direct consultation and advice from community members of color and people of marginalized identities.

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Don’t miss the boat on implementing your DEI programs.

"I felt it provided me an overall holistic approach on how to connect/interact/problem solve with a mentee or another mentor as well as others that I care about and work with in my life. It was well worth my time as a parent, mentor and pilot."

"Incredibly useful. Many trainings skim the surface. This one was tailored to our unique questions and experiences which allowed for deeper learning. I was inspired not only by the activities and resources provided but also by how well Ebony and Savannah embody what they teach. In a world where heartfelt connection is rarely prioritized in working environments, it is a powerfully immersive learning experience to feel what it is like."

- Consulting Client Feedback

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